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Intelligent data-driven pipeline for the manufacturing of certified metal parts through Direct Energy Deposition processes

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - INTEGRADDE (Intelligent data-driven pipeline for the manufacturing of certified metal parts through Direct Energy Deposition processes)

Reporting period: 2020-04-01 to 2021-09-30

INTEGRADDE Project stands for Intelligent data-driven pipeline for manufacturing metal parts through Direct Energy Deposition process. INTEGRADDE proposes an integrated automation methodology for developing an end-to-end digital solution applied to the manufacturing of metal components by Additive Manufacturing (AM) in real manufacturing conditions through industrial-driven pilot lines. To do that, INTEGRADDE combines novel technologies along the workflow: topology optimisation algorithms for optimised design, multi-scale modelling providing feedback for optimising the set-up configuration process, automated hardware-independent process planning, online control, as well as distributed NDT and metrology for quality assurance. Finally, Artificial Intelligence models for assisting in the optimisation of new metal parts are being implemented. (Figure 1)
Consortium is led by AIMEN Technology Centre and is made up of 26 European entities from 11 countries, including research and technology organizations, technology providers, system integrators, and end-users. Figure 2 shows the positioning of each of these entities in the value chain.
INTEGRADDE has progressed in the following main innovations:
- An interoperable methodology implemented in different hardware layouts along the manufacturing chain, combining technology developments in product engineering, monitoring and control of the AM processes, as well as inspection and quality assessment in the post-processing stage. (ATOS, LIMITSTATE, USFD, IMPERIAL, ESI GROUP, UC, ESI SW, NIT, DATAPIXEL, JULES, LMS, BRUNEL)
- A Open Pilot Lines Network (AIMEN, CEA, IREPA, WEST) for boosting AM in other sectors and applications, as well as stimulating market uptake of the portfolio of technologies developed. Illustrative example of one of these include in Figure 3.
- Commissioning and deployment of industrial-driven pilot lines (PRIMA, DGH, MX3D) validating the portfolio of technologies on different hardware configuration solutions, demonstrating the hardware and software independent approach of INTEGRADDE concept. (Figure 4).
- Industrial implementation in 5 industrial manufacturing pilot lines in aeronautics, construction, tooling, steel and automotive (LOIRETECH, MX3D, GKN, AMIII, CORDA end users).
- In addition, a Call for Expression of Interest (EoI) has been published by offering a catalogue of services, provided free of charge, and aimed at EU companies (mostly SMEs) to raise awareness among Metalworking companies in the Additive Manufacturing of metal components.
- Finally, overall project cross-sectional activities such as dissemination, exploitation, standardisation and certification have been undertaken (FBA, BUREAU VERITAS & DIN).
In this second period INTEGRADDE project completed the following tasks:
- Definition of a Security layer for data integrity and encryption using Blockchain technology.
- Definition and implementation of the cyber-secured Digital Thread including the description of the architectural components.
- Advise on the creation of new procedures for standardization and certification of manufactured parts by defining the current certification procedures, describing the methodology and requirements for certification.
- Process window development and collection of experimental data for the different pilot lines that are being commissioned and validated. A deliverable comprised multiple datasets produced during the project is available as open repository on the INTEGRADDE community in Zenodo:
- Automatic topology iterative and layout optimization methods in product/component design for extraction of structurally optimized designs was developed.
- Multiphysics FEM-based simulation (Distortion prediction (macro) and meltpool modelling (micro)) has been implemented and tested.
- Product engineering optimisation by combining simulation predictions, material characterization, process monitoring, and data analytics.
- Interoperable CAD/CAM system compatible with different hardware layouts as well as software tools.
- Implementation of real-time control strategies for LMD-p, LMD-w and WAAM processes.
- Software tools for multimodal data registration.
- Integration of QIF standard to incorporate GD&T information in the digital thread.
Apart from that, INTEGRADDE participated in EU Dissemination & Exploitation Booster to strengthen the capacity of the project for disseminating and exploiting their research results. Also, a training plan covering the whole AM value chain has been defined, as well as the definition of a guideline for certification of AM metal-based components. Finally, in this period a standardization strategy has been developed. INTEGRADDE has formed a liaison with ISO/TC 261/WG 4 "Data and Design" as a first step.
For further information, please check the project profiles created in the social networks Twitter and LinkedIn, updated regularly and INTEGRADDE community at ZENODO.
INTEGRADDE will enhance environment, quality of life of European citizens and AM competitiveness:
- Innovation: tools, experience and know-how developed along INTEGRADDE will indeed enhance the innovation capacity through technology transfer impacting EU industry and academia.
- Competitiveness: project results will strengthen INTEGRADDE industrial partners market positioning: commercialising innovative technology solutions that can significantly improve leadership and competitiveness of AM, efficient of manufacturing, lot size, design-freedom, etc. The impact expected for the industry:
+ To increase reliability in AM processes by 40% and manufacturing speeds by 25%.
+ To improve capacity to manufacture a good piece at first by 40% and in product quality by 40%.
+ To reduce time to market by 25%. New certification schemes for metal parts printed in 3D.
+ Standardization roadmap by linking with current ISO/TC 261.
- Growth and jobs: INTEGRADDE will contribute to create more and better high added-value jobs within the manufacturing industry. We have organized Open training, webinars and Certification Guidelines that allow gaining new relevant skills for the European workforce and.
- Environmental: INTEGRADDE will enable the integration of DED AM processes into current industrial production lines. With AM, waste will be reduced to practically zero. INTEGRADDE is aligned with EU environmental challenges optimising sustainable production and efficiency.
- Contribution to EU Policies. INTEGRADDE initiative as flagship H2020 project aims an intelligent, sustainable, and inclusive growth and will became a leveraging effect on other sources of funding.
Address of the project public website: Finally, if you are a SME or a person interested in the INTEGRADDE Project you can reach us in:
Integrated manufacturing solution for LMD and WAAM
Industrial-driven Pilot Lines
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