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Advancing Resilience of Historic Areas against Climate-related and other Hazards

Project description

Protecting historical centres from climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet today. From seasonal shifts in climate, with droughts, heatwaves, floods and storms, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Cities will face frequent extreme events in future years. The risk to cultural heritage and historic urban centres from climate change is also going to increase. The EU-funded ARCH project will develop a disaster risk management framework for assessing and improving the resilience of historic areas to climate change and natural hazards. Tools and methodologies will be designed for local authorities and practitioners, the urban population, and national and international expert communities. To support decision-making, the project will present various models, methods, tools and datasets. These will be developed in collaboration with the four European municipalities Bratislava, Camerino, Hamburg, and València.


ARCH will develop a unified disaster risk management framework for assessing and improving the resilience of historic areas to climate change-related and other hazards. This will be achieved by developing tools and methodologies that will be combined into a collaborative disaster risk management platform for local authorities and practitioners, the urban population, and (inter)national expert communities. To support decision-making at appropriate stages of the management cycle, different models, methods, tools, and datasets will be designed and developed. These include: technological means of determining the condition of tangible and intangible cultural objects, as well as large historic areas; information management systems for georeferenced properties of historic areas and hazards; simulation models for what-if analysis, ageing and hazard simulation; an inventory of potential resilience enhancing and reconstruction measures, assessed for their performance; a risk-oriented vulnerability assessment methodology suitable for both policy makers and practitioners; a pathway design to plan the resilience enhancement and reconstruction of historic areas; and an inventory of financing means, categorised according to their applicability in different contexts. The project ensures that results and deliverables are applicable and relevant by applying a co-creation process with local policy makers, practitioners, and community members. This includes the pilot cities Bratislava, Camerino, Hamburg, and Valencia. The results of the co-creation processes with the pilot cities will be disseminated to a broader circle of other European municipalities and practitioners. ARCH includes a European Standardisation organization (DIN) as a partner in order to prepare materials that ensure that resilience and reconstruction of historic areas can be progressed in a systematic way, through European standardisation, which will ensure practical applicability and reproducibility.

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