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FIWARE for the Next Generation Internet Services for the WATER sector


Synergies with the SC05-11-2018 cluster

This deliverable will identify and plan potential synergies between the other projects of the SC05-11-2018 portfolio. Opportunities for synergies will be identified either in terms of a common scope of work or in terms of complementarities. Opportunities due to a common scope of work will seek to deliver the impact foreseen in the Description of Action (DoA) in a coordinated way between projects. Opportunities due to complementarities might go beyond to create additional impact not foreseen initially in the DoA. A plan for the synergies will be included in the report.

E-newsletter n°2

Second E-newsletter

Fiware4Water communication and dissemination strategy towards a water smart society

The strategy plan will focus on how Fiware4Water outcomes promotion will be implemented to reach out the targeted groups (water utilities, SMEs, industrials users, local authorities, policy makers and citizen) with clear indications on the planning, materials and channels to be used. It will be co-built with WP1 requirements and WP5 social and economic impacts, targeting the sustainability of the project. It will also plan branding strategy.

Social Innovation factsheet n°1

First SIF - SIF answers societal needs gathered by WP1/WP5 from the specific view of Fiware4Water innovative smart water solutions and their impacts on society

Requirements from end-users

D1.2 will describe which are the most effective interfaces at permitting end-users to interact with the different outcomes of the project, including smart sensors, smart services, and the different dashboards thus achieving improved resource management and decision making.

Fiware4Water dissemination and communication report

Monitoring and assessment level for communication and dissemination activities, following the set of key indicators to assess the success for the communication and dissemination activities and to check whether the project is achieving its expected impact.

Info-pack for internal communication, with tools/procedures

Setting up internal communication tools and procedures, including consortium mailing list, info-pack with internal communication mechanisms, guidelines for meetings agendas, standard templates for deliverables’ reporting and for communication actions to be used by all partners

Requirements from use cases

This report will identify current state of play of the legacy systems, needs and priorities in the Case Studies and communicate these as input to WP2 together with additional requirements, beyond the cases. It will articulate specific use cases for FIWARE-enabled Smart Water Services and Devices based on ‘user stories’ coming from the Utilities (EYDAP, 3S, WNT and SWS). Different use cases will be consolidated into a single ‘use case model’ for each Demo Case.

Requirements for innovation

Description of the open architecture that can be used by water utilities as well as third parties to develop solutions and applications.

Gap analysis and final requirements

Report on the requirements of the different tasks merged and analysed to identify possible gaps. The objective is to formulate an overall set of requirements.

Specification of system architecture for water consumption and quality monitoring

Report on design and implementation of the Reference Architecture for supporting the water consumption and quality monitoring use-case of this project

A Study of the current public perception digital water and other related innovations, and recommendations

D5.1 will constitute a description and analysis of the current public perception of digital water and other related methodologies. It will be the result of both a literature study, the analysis of the results of other related European funded projects both completed and currently in progress and on-site investigation. The report will also offer an evaluation of public perception regarding digitalization in the water sector in Eastern European countries of focus based on desk research and a set of interviews with relevant stakeholders.

Scientific Quality Assurance Plan

The Plan will define quality management processes and will include mechanisms to review the project deliverables. It will include templates, guidelines and requirements for the partners.

E-newsletter n°1

Regular update of the progress of the project (every 9 months), to be disseminated via the partners'networks

Communication kit including a website, social media and leaflets

The project will prepare a logo and branding material, set up a project website (portal), create social media accounts (e.g. Twitter and LinkedIn), prepare project brochures etc. as a communication kit.

Extension of FIWARE ecosystem with Big- Data and AI frameworks

Report on Big Data and AI as service frameworks connected with FIWARE consolidated

Webinars and eLearning materials

Regular 2-hour webinars will be organised to disseminate the outcomes of the project (every trimester after M12), and highlight thecase studies - all recorded sessions will be gathered in an eLearning tool available after the project ends.