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Modular and Integrated Digital Probe for SAT Aircraft Air Data System


Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan This deliverable describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected, processed and/or generated by the MIDAS project. It includes information on: • the handling of research data during and after the end of the project • what data will be collected, processed and/or generated • which methodology and standards will be applied • whether data will be shared/made open access and • how data will be curated and preserved (including after the end of the project). The Horizon 2020 FAIR DMP template will be used.

Communication, Dissemination and exploitation plan

This deliverable will address the following contents Communication: • Identify social and professional network for promoting the action and demonstrating the EU funding effectiveness • Update Partner’s websites with MIDAS relevant aspects and results Dissemination: • Dissemination of knowledge during and after the project • Identification of the groups (academic/industrial/end user/certification bodies) that will be targeted for dissemination • Identification of the objectives to be disseminated • List of possible events to attend (conference, airshow, exhibition, …) Exploitation: • Identification of responsibilities and benefits deriving from a possible exploitation (ref. doc IP) • Identification of stakeholders interested in the possible exploitation of MIDAS output • Identification of the actions to achieve the exploitation • Identification of all the possible derived technologies of MIDAS project for parallel projects (at Consortium and single Partner level)

Preliminary Design Review

Preliminary Design Review DRL list of Project Management Plan for PDR • Hardware Design Description (HDD): description of hardware architecture, components, performance • Software Design Description (SDD): description of software/firmware architecture, components, performance • Software Test Plan (STP): description of methods for SW validation. Detailed test will be described in the Software Test Description (STD) • Interface Control Documents (ICD): interfaces of the MIDAS unit (mechanical, electrical connectors, communication protocols) • Projects analysis, preliminary drawings and design justification files • Requirement Traceability Matrix • Validation Test Plan (VTP): description of functional test to be executed on the HW, SW/FW and the complete system (planning) • Qualification Test Plan (QTP): description of environmental test (planning) • Test Requirement Document (TRD): description and requirements of the tools and test benches necessary for the testing and validation process; procedure for testing. • HW/SW configuration management plan

Probe Group optimization

Probe Group optimization Thermo Fluid dynamic model for ADP optimization • Projects analysis, preliminary drawings and design justification files • Updated SRR with final installation requirements of the probe on the target platform

System Requirement Review

System Requirement Review (SSR) DRL list of Project Management Plan for SRR • System Requirement Specification (SRS): HW requirement, SW Requirements, Environmental Qualification Requirement, Quality Requirements, Performance Requirements • Interface Requirement Specification (IRS): mechanical installation requirements, electrical installation requirements, communication interface requirements • Project Quality Plan (PQP) : definitions of role and responsibilities, design and implementation workflows, Key-Performance-Indicators (KPI) identification, standards and regulatory references; subpart-1: HW development plan, FW development plan • Project Master Plan (PMP) • Project Risk Analysis • SRR report

Critical Design Review

Critical Design Review DRL list of Project Management Plan for CDR • Weight analysis • Outline Drawings • Electrical power consumption characteristics • Bonding and grounding diagram • Drawing tree • Part List • Detailed Design Files • Logistic Analysis(MTBF / MTTR, Replaceable units) • Product Acceptance Test Procedure (PTP): for testing of series products • STTE design files and tools description: detailed description of Special to Type Test Equipment and lab tools that will be used during Test Phase • HW/SW/FW checklists to DO-254 and other required standards • Minimum set of test manoeuvres necessary to define the database that will be used to implement and validate the virtual sensor

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Preliminary Design of a Model-Free Synthetic Sensor for Aerodynamic Angle Estimation for Commercial Aviation

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The Clean Sky 2 MIDAS Project - an Innovative Modular, Digital and Integrated Air Data System for Fly-by-Wire Applications

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