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Next generation meta-material based SMART and FLEXible optical solar reflectors

Project description

New metamaterials could boost satellite thermal control technology

The EU-funded SMART-FLEX project plans to develop a new type of smart and flexible optical solar reflector for use in the thermal control of satellites. The new reflector will consist of an extremely thin metamaterial coating deposited on the space-facing surface of a flexible foil that will be easily glued on the outer skin of radiator panels. The foil will passively regulate the heat exchanged between the satellite and the space environment, thereby preventing overheating in the hot phase and overcooling when the satellite is in eclipse or in safe mode.


SMART-FLEX aims at developing a radically new type of Optical Solar Reflector (OSR), that combines the flexibility and ease of use of Silver / Teflon foils with the performance and durability of quartz tile OSRs and with the temperature variable emissivity of Smart Radiation Devices. The new OSR will consist of an extremely thin, fully inorganic, metamaterial coating deposited on the first, space-facing surface of a flexible foil. The SMART-FLEX product that we envision is implemented on a 2 MIL foil of A4 or larger format, with an integrated pressure sensitive and conductive adhesive on the back side, and can be easily applied on the outer skin of radiator panels, or on other planar, curved or bendable structure directly exposed to the space environment.

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