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An open integration platform for professional displays

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - AirPlatform (An open integration platform for professional displays)

Reporting period: 2019-05-01 to 2020-02-29

Building on our successful HDMI device, we are now developing an all-in-one platform (hardware and software) to deliver advanced tools and services inside of organizations, supporting smarter collaborative work and smarter corporate communication by using “big screens”. We offer the right technology, at the right time, in the emergence of audio-visual and ICT technologies that are changing organizations. However, to become a global leading provider of screen sharing solutions, we need to overcome barriers related with the maturation and demonstration of our cloud-based platform, aiming to create customers’ awareness and confidence in adopting our technology to accelerate market uptake.

The aim of the AirPlatform is to bring a new platform which can enhance collaboration and communication within organisations. In order to achieve that, we're utilising the largely unused screen surfaces within the organisations, by showing useful, creative and informative content on their bigger screens. To create the best experience, we're developing an app ecosystem, where custom apps tailored for the large displays provide insights into how an organisation is performing and allows sharing of useful information though apps and integrations.

As part of this project, we've built and integrated several apps which show the way on how large screens could be useful for an organization, and throughout this process, we've learnt about what kind of expectations and requirements they have for a platform such as AirPlatform, and what are the technical requirements for APIs and SDKs in order for them to be useful for 3rd party developers to integrate their own solutions.

We've also extended the AirPlatform with some highly requested and very valuable features, such as better management of devices, ability to build playlists (rotate between multiple apps), have a better power save policy to make our device more environmental friendly as well as other features, such as the website login, which allows access to dashboards and content behind a login.
Delivery of the final version of the AirStore including apps that enhance collaboration and communication within organisations. Please refer to for further description of the content and benefits for the users.
The solution delivers a more efficient and smarter way to collaborate around meetings and using screens. The solution saves times both for users and for system maintenance. The solution also makes it easy for the user to save electricity via the build-in Sleep Scheduling function. The build-in digital signage functionality provide an excellent tool for communicating important information within the organisation.