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An open integration platform for professional displays

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Creating unlimited screen-sharing and digital signage possibilities for workplaces and schools

Setting up and running digital signage is now simple with Airtame Cloud. It can be done remotely and cost-effectively.

Digital Economy

Many organisations are replacing traditional notice boards with large-format screens used as digital signage. This offers a flexible and dynamic alternative compared to traditional signs, as screens can be changed en masse and in real time. Yet use of such screens is not without problems. Each screen brand brings its own complex set of connections. Setting up these screens can sometimes be difficult. Customisation options are also often limited. To improve on and simplify this situation, the EU-funded Airtame Cloud project (formerly called AirPlatform) developed a software platform, called Airtame Cloud. The software was developed with EU funding. It works with the company’s Airtame 2 proprietary device. The combination of software and hardware allows users to view, manage and remotely update any number of screens enabled with the platform. During the project, the research team conducted extensive user studies to better understand customers and product use cases. Researchers also examined the competitor landscape.

Tailored digital signage

“With Airtame Cloud,” comments Jonas Gyalokay, Airtame CEO and co-founder, “organisations can remotely manage an unlimited number of screens, from one central dashboard. They can transform blank screens in hallways and communal areas with tailored digital signage.” In addition to providing its own signage apps, an Airtame Cloud is compatible with various third-party software tools. The platform differs from other digital signage and device management solutions by being cross-platform, scalable, and easy to use. “Airtame embraces a cross-platform approach,” adds Gyalokay, “combining a suite of products — including Airtame Cloud — that work together with other applications to make screen sharing, digital signage and device management straightforward and reliable, no matter the size of the enterprise.”

Airtame at work and school

Airtame Cloud is mainly intended for professional environments, such as workplaces and schools. Business users can display company values and other messages in hallways, in reception areas, and across departments. Schools can do the same, with messages regularly updating like a billboard. Using the Airtame 2 device, users can cast from their devices to a large centralised screen, regardless of whether the screens are in a classroom or a business meeting room. Using Airtame Cloud, which comes in free and premium paid versions, IT administrators can reduce management work. Instead of visiting each meeting room or classroom separately, IT staff can run the whole system from their desks, while also being able to conduct bulk updates. Various user permissions can be assigned, so as to share responsibility with colleagues. Since the re-launch of Airtame Cloud in early 2020, customers have responded positively. The uptake rate has been strong and continues to improve, with a 50 % increase in users during 2020. Going forward, the team will work with customers, using their feedback to improve the existing products and to develop new products. The Airtame Cloud platform offers convenient device management and digital signage possibilities for schools and workplaces. Airtame 2 makes meetings and lessons more interactive with wireless screen sharing, and therefore probably also engaging and memorable.


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