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Kunak Sensing Anywhere, an ultra-energy-efficient wireless critical system for smart environmental monitoring


"Companies and other organizations need to monitor different parameters related to ""air, water and land"". Some organizations need to monitor these parameters to control potential pollution (Smart cities and polluting industries), while other organizations monitor the parameters to manage certain assets (cycle water management companies, utility companies, etc.). Outside of the plants where the Industry 4.0 is developing, it is not possible to have these variables controlled except by deploying extremely expensive solutions and/or with a great environmental impact (cabling, civil works, new infrastructures).

Kunak is an innovative solution to deploy wireless monitoring systems whose ultra-energy efficiency characteristics and end-to-end critical system architecture (from the environmental data analysis device to the platform cloud) provide great advantages in isolated, remote and complex environments, guaranteeing the robustness and integrity of 24/7 communications, which makes it a globally unique solution.

The new Kunak system measures the main greenhouse gases that have direct effects on climate change. In regard to the monitoring of air quality, Kunak solution is unique because it monitors air quality with the same accuracy as official stations with small scale devices at a cost 60 times lower.

Kunak has been successfully implemented with more than 30 clients. We have received 9 letters of interest, highlighting two from the largest companies included in the world’s top sustainability indexes. Following the market survey conducted in SME Instrument Phase 1, we decided to extend the innovation project in Phase 2 with several technological improvements, testing activities and preparing for large scaled commercialisation of our Kunak System.

The important advantages provided by Kunak compared to current solutions will make it easier for us to be leaders in the new market that is emerging and to fulfil our mission: “Kunak utilises IoT to save the environment”.

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SME-2 - SME instrument phase 2


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