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A Centre of Excellence in Computational Biomedicine


Software Incubation Report

Definition of the incubation plan, description of its components and implementation strategy. Software documentation and usage summary. Best practice for documentation, regression tests, benchmarking, etc.

Dissemination Action Plan

A detailed and comprehensive report on the dissemination actions that will be carried out by the project.

CompBioMed2 Compute and Data Services Strategic Plan

This deliverable will define of the strategies for the design of services portfolio and the operational service processes needed for the maintenance and delivery of CompBioMed compute and data services.

Project Handbook

WP1 will produce a project handbook outlining the project’s procedures, legal obligations and reporting processes, to assist each partner.

First Report on Fast Track Application Readiness

Report on the applications and research being undertaken within the CompBioMed2 environment based on the initial, Fast Track deployment.

Quality Assurance Plan

To manage the project’s quality control process, a Quality Assurance Plan will be created to assist internal reviewers in monitoring all deliverables before they are finalised and submitted to the Commission. The deliverable will also contain a detailed risk analysis and contingency planning.

Report on Establishment of the Community Engagement

A report on the report on the establishment of the users’ engagement portal and of the HPC-M community of practice.

Ethics Report

This report will be initiated in M6 and maintained as a running log of the types of data used in CompBioMed2. The report will keep detailed information on the procedures for data collection, storage, protection, retention, and destruction, and confirmation that they comply with national and EU legislation.

Analytics Requirements Analysis

This report will assess the potential for applying analytics techniques to CompBioMed2 project data

Innovation Plan

A detailed innovation plan, to be adhered to by all members of the consortium, to promote the innovation and commercialisation aspects of this project.

Data Management Plan

Task 3.1 will produce an initial Data Management Plan for the project. This will be updated over the course of the project as its needs evolve.

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