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Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics

Project description

New contacts among multiple 'bodies' will foster industrial and economic development

Phenomena involving the contact between two rigid or deformable bodies at least one of which is in motion impact mechanical systems in numerous engineering, technological and industrial applications. The 'non-smooth contact dynamics method' was developed in the 1980s to deal with these phenomena where non-smooth refers to the special case involving jumps in velocity, such as due to changes in friction properties or shocks. The EU-funded CONMECH project will foster important contacts itself by building bridges of common research interests in the field of non-smooth contact dynamics across five continents to support industrial applications and economic development.


The overall aim of the project is to develop a joint training and cutting-edge research program based on state-of-the-art technologies that will strengthen the research partnership among ten institutions in eight countries on five continents: Poland, France, Romania, Spain, Argentina, Australia, P.R. China, USA in the areas of common research interest, nonsmooth contact mechanics, inclusions in Banach spaces, optimal control, and computational algorithms for nonsmooth problems. The estimated duration of the project is 48 months. The aim will be achieved through short- and long-term periods of staff exchange between partners in Europe, United States, South America, Australia and China, and networking activities between the institutions. The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve more rapid progress in advancing current knowledge and concepts through combined endeavour leading to two book monographs and joint-author high citation index publications. In this way, we will establish a long-term research cooperation among ten institutions based on active technology and scientific knowledge application and transfer. The scientific aim of the research exchange is to develop new and non-standard mathematical and numerical tools directly motivated by the needs of the analysis of various classes of contact problems which are of fundamental importance in technology, industry and real engineering applications. A throughout research of contact processes will not only allow to gain an improved fundamental understanding of contact mechanics but also advance current knowledge that can ultimately be used for the improvement of industrial applications of economic benefits. Trainings, meeting, seminars, workshop and conference are being planned for this research proposal in order to share all the knowledge and information gained throughout the work and to form the basis of long lasting collaborations.


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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 455 400,00

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