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Cyanotoxins in Irrigation Waters: Surveillance, Risk Assessment, and Innovative Remediation proposals


Paper on analytical methods

Original research paper reporting the developments achieved in cyanotoxin analysis.

Dissemination plan to schools and general public

Report detailing the dissemination and the communication plan to be implemented by the consortium.

Cyanotoxin extraction, detection and quantification protocols

Report on the methods developed/optimized for the quantification of cyanotoxins in soil and plant matrices

Cyanobacterial biomasses

Large scale production of toxic cyanobacteria strains in laboratory to be used in plant contamination studies.

Plant performance

Report on the toxicological effects of cyanotoxins, taking as main plant descriptors physiological performance (growth) and yield.

Field sampling strategy

To describe how the field sampling will be performed. This should define the sampling sites, sampling frequency, number of replicates, type of samples and crops to sample.

Progress report 1

Progress report of the 1st year of work. This includes an analysis of risks and deviations to the work plan in respect to the time-table, the secondment activities, the achievement of milestones, the scope of the deliverables, and the proposal of countermeasures and adjustments in the work plan to secure its feasibility.

Project branding resources

A set of materials will be made available, as branding resources of TOXICROP project. These include a project Logo, informative flyer, PPT and Poster templates.

Deliverable 'Data Management Plan

A Data management Plan will be established for open data access according to the EC instructions.

Web portal

Toxicrop webportal for easy dissemination of utmost pertinent information on the results, ongoing activities including seminars, workshops organized on behalf of the project. Intranet access will be created for the exchange of more confidential information within the consortium partners.

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