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Mental health monitoring through interactive conversations

Project description

Advanced chatbots to help people cope with anxiety and mild depression

In Europe, a quarter of the population suffers from depression or anxiety. It is also estimated that up to 50 % of chronic sick leaves is due to depression/anxiety. The EU-funded MENHIR project is researching conversational technologies to promote good mental health and assist with managing these conditions. The project’s chatbot technology is being developed to assist with around-the-clock support, personalized motivation, useful resources and coping strategies. It will process emotional and mood patterns from different aspects of the voice recorded and prompt with supportive messages and motivational reminders to follow action plans. This is considered beneficial for many people living with a mental ill health and struggling to cope with their symptoms alone.


Mental health is an essential component of health; however depression and anxiety are common disorders across the European Union. Many people may be described as “living with” a mental illness, and managing their own symptoms. However, they are often unsure of the thresholds for treatment, how to control their mental health, what are the best coping strategies or which resources are available to them. Conversational systems may facilitate watchful waiting and symptom monitoring, by initiating contact and symptom checking at various times of the day and night. The MENHIR project aims to research and develop conversational technologies to promote mental health and assist people with mental ill health (depression and anxiety) to manage their conditions. The participants will exchange and share their expertise toward this common objective, building a network for exchanging ideas and knowledge between Spain, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom, including academic, non-profit organizations and companies.


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