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Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services


Service Description Template

This deliverable will present the developed Service Description Template that will allow for structured information about Service Descriptions by Research Infrastructures.

Report on Advisory Board meeting outcomes n°1

This report will summarise the main ideas/views/feedback/suggestions expressed by Advisory Board members.

Dissemination plan and visual identity

This report will provide description of objectives, audiences, tools and planning of dissemination activities and branding materials including logo, presentation layouts, etc.

Report on Advisory Board meeting outcomes n°2

This report will summarise the main ideas/views/feedback/suggestions expressed by Advisory Board members.

Report on the results of the survey on requirement elicitation

This report will synthesise and draw conclusions and recommendations from the survey launched as deliverable 3.1.

Quality Assurance Procedures for Catalogue Registrations

This deliverable will contain the processes for quality assurance in order to review and maintain the completeness, accuracy and class characteristics of the registered services.

Gateway functional specifications

This report will describe architectural specifications, design and requirements of the CatRIS gateway.

Working note on typology of research infrastructure services

This report will present a modular RI service typology based on a compilation of information gathered through carrying out literature review of existing service descriptions and service catalogues and interviewing up to 30 RI managers based on a representative sample of RIs.

Mapping and gap analysis of service catalogues/portfolios

This report will include a compilation on services catalogues, repositories and marketplaces of the European as well as global landscape, analysing and portraying the core requirements for a RI service catalogue.

Concept note for CatRIS

This document will provide support towards the development of the CatRIS gateway. It will address the proposed typology of RI services, the service catalogue content and the main functionalities to be developed (in a phased manner) for the marketplace.

Towards a service management standard/framework assessment

This deliverable will include a preliminary Service Management Vocabulary for RI service provision that will be the basis for a gradual convergence to a common vocabulary and will facilitate the decision making process of RIs to adopt a standard or framework.

Print materials (brochures, thematic area fact sheets, etc.) V1.0

A set of effective project dissemination materials will be created.

Toolkit for dissemination and engagement

This deliverable will present a toolkit to support partners in dissemination towards stakeholders.

1st prototype of the gateway with the service catalogue browsing functionality and the registration of services

This deliverable will showcase the first iteration of the CatRIS gateway with functionalities allowing for RI service registration and browsing.

Project website and social media accounts

This deliverable will present a dedicated project website and social media accounts: to be maintained and updated over the lifetime of project.

Survey form for requirement elicitation

This deliverable will deliver a survey implemented in an online surveying platform-of-choice to consult RI community on their requirements regarding a RI service catalogue and related gateway. The survey will be designed in a structured manner with sections common to all types of respondents and some sections specific for selected main type of respondents.

2nd prototype of the gateway with the service visualization and analytics dashboard and the interoperability mechanism (APIs)

This deliverable will showcase CatRIS gateway related APIs and the second iteration of the CatRIS gateway with an added functionality which allows a user to visualise RI service catalogue data.

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