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CIVITAS ELEVATE - CIVITAS 2020 Coordination and Support Action


Strategy for Evaluation and Advancing Knowledge

This deliverable describes a detailed methodology to review the results, impacts, drivers, and barriers of the recent actions piloted and implemented within CIVITAS. It is a strategy to distill relevant data and experiences from CIVITAS’ legacy and to summarise them by means of insights and visual data. The deliverable relates to Task 1.5.

Strategy for Incubation and CIVINETs

This deliverable specifies how the incubation and support for CIVINETs is managed, including a division of responsibilities, timeline and implementation procedures. The deliverable relates to Task 1.2.

Strategy for Liaison and Steward System

This deliverable will present the Liaison and Steward System methodology for facilitating the integration of all CIVITAS projects as well as the respective action-plan and definition of the role / responsibilities of the ELEVATE ‘Stewards’. This deliverable relates to Task 1.1.

Concise report of the CIVITAS urban mobility conference 2020

This deliverable will provide a report on the activities of the conference, including brief proceedings of the event. The deliverable relates to Task 5.5. The deliverable relates to Task 5.5.

Strategy for Outreach

This deliverable outlines the outreach activities (i.e. communication and dissemination) that are planned over the course of ELEVATE's lifetime. It will integrate a messaging matrix and set out the proposed target audiences for the detailed activities, key messages for each target group, tools, methods, and channels. The deliverable relates to Task 1.4.

Strategy for Capacity Building

This deliverable describes ELEVATE’s strategy for capacity building to support the deployment of innovations developed in the CIVITAS (R)IAs and CIVITAS 2020 projects. The report acts as compass for the design, development and implementation of capacity building activities in WP4. The deliverable relates to Task 1.3.

Publication Schedule

This deliverable creates a publications schedule outlining what (e.g. reports and booklets) are to be produced and when, including information on partner involvement.The deliverable relates to Task 1.4.

CIVITAS study guide

This deliverable is a guide (booklet), comprising an overview of upcoming capacity building activities. The guide includes brief summaries of e-courses, trainings and summer courses and is intended to inform those potentially interested to enrol in ELEVATE’s activities. The deliverable relates to Task 4.1.

Tools for self-supportive mobility interventions: A handbook

This deliverable contains an overview of do’s and don’ts regarding the development of appropriate business cases for mobility interventions. Examples are lean and business model canvas. The deliverable relates to Task 3.2.

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