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Maximizing the impact of innovative energy approaches in the EU islands


Analysis of the regulatory, gender, socioeconomic and environmental aspects of the Lighthouse Islands

A report including the most relevant regulatory, gender, socioeconomic and environmental aspects of each one of the countries which will be part of the INSULAE demonstration campaigns will be specifically included. This report will also include the main conclusions gathered from public consultations in order to cover both bibliographic sources and stakeholder’s point of view.

Citizens participation: common conclusions report

The first part of this deliverable will consist on a report gathering the main conclusions from the participation process (questionnaires, workshops) which will take part during INSULAE project, both before and after the demonstration campaigns. Secondly, BEOF will include a methodology draft which will pave the way for the future replication of the project results, attending to stakeholders and citizens concerns.

Business model development for the deployment of the IPT and other technological solutions

This deliverable will collect the different business models for each of the use cases that will be triggered by the project execution. These business models will evaluate the pros and cons of implementing such business models depending on different boundary conditions of the islands. These business models will just include the exploitation routes of the innovations developed in the INSULAE project.

Project synergies report

This deliverable is the outcome of Task 10.3. The main outcome of this document is to set the basis of the collaborations with the BRIDGE initiative and other relevant EU funded projects like the EU tender “Strengthening the cooperation on climate action among islands within and beyond the EU through the creation of an island identity within the Global Covenant of Mayors”

Dissemination and Communication Plan including project identity set

This deliverable corresponds to Task 10.1. This deliverable explains how the project will communicate its developments and outcomes, and how the consortium will ensure visibility of the project and dissemination of its results throughout its duration. The main outcomes will be a plan identifying a set of dissemination activities to be implemented and a general communication strategy to follow during the project lifetime.

Project visual materials

The main outcome of this deliverable will be the materials to be developed such as leaflets, posters, roll-ups, etc.

Project website

This deliverable will contain the main features that the website of the INSULAE project will contain.

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