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INTEGRITY: empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)


Quality checks

Quality checks to assess effectiveness of RCR training. The findings in tasks 2.1 and 2.2 will be used as input to develop a quality checklist that will serve as a benchmark to assess the effectiveness of teaching practices in RCR training. Moreover, the overall didactical concept of RCR training will be explicated in this task, aligned to the checklist and a view on how to assess tool will be developed to determine the effectiveness of teaching programs and tools (with a prototype as a result).

Project Events M12

Information (title, date, location, content) on significant events (conferences, seminars, workshops)

Results of mapping current practice

Mapping results of current teaching practices will be presented via the project website. Via internet searches, network searches and an online questionnaire inquiring for current practices amongst professional teachers and curriculum coordinators we will build an overview in 10 European countries regarding research ethics teaching. This overview will include the target groups of education in research integrity, whether this is mandatory or optional, what the content and focus of educational programs is, and what working methods are being used. It will also focus on possible instructions for teachers on how to teach research integrity. One of the results will be that we will, relating the findings to the European Code of Conduct, reveal current blind spots in teaching.

Finalized Dissemination and communication plan

Finalized Dissemination and communication plan: this plan will outline the strategy and activities to be undertaken and the means to be used to ensure that the project’s activities are widely disseminated and communicated a) within the Consortium, b) to the interested stakeholders and c) to the wider public.

Newsletter issued (4)

Newsletters issued. A newsletter with the latest news will be sent out to stakeholder groups and published on the website (M 9, M 18, M 27, M 36)

Project Events M3

Information (title, date, location, content) on significant events (conferences, seminars, workshops)

Project website

Project website will be established and maintained, presenting all relevant news about the project’s activities

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