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Bridge for Researchers in Danger Going to Europe - Step II


Plan on procedure to minimise risks for involved persons

Detailed information on the measures to minimise the risks to RRs and staff involved in this project will be submitted.

Public statement on eligibility and selection criteria

RRs with asylum status and an affiliation (a mentorship, a position, a fellowship, a project collaboration) with a research institution, higher education institution, company or other relevant entity will be eligible in participating in BRiDGE II. No further selection criteria will be applicable. Gender quota will be applied (50/50 men/women) in mentoring, training, internship and networking measures and events. A statement about eligibility and selection of RRs will be published at the beginning of the project - M2.

Preliminary Dissemination plan

The preliminary dissemination plan in Section 2.2 and as drafted in work package 4 will be fine tuned in M4.

Informed Consent forms

Detailed information will be submitted about the informed consent procedures of data use from the RRs to BRiDGE II officers that will be implemented in regard to the collection, storage and protection of personal data. Templates of the informed consent/assent forms and information sheets (in language and terms intelligible to the participants) will be kept on file. The following information will be included in the informed consent: i) a list of the data, which is going to be collected; ii) the risks for the safety, including the risks for their families and friends; iii) the potential benefits for the individual (high training, integration) and the social benefits; iv) the purpose of data collection and data usage. Copies of opinions and approvals by ethics committees or competent authorities for the research with humans (ethics clearance from the Institutional Review Boards and the national authorities of involved countries where RRs will be recruited) will be collected before relevant activities start and kept on file.

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