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Partnerships for pathways to Higher Education and science engagement in Regional Clusters of Open Schooling


Call for participation

A compilation of all documents and further material that is requited to roll out a call for participation in the TEMP programme.

Handbook for OpenBadge users

A concise instruction manual for users of the OpenBadge ecosystem, with separated sections for different types of users (badge issuer, badge applicant, badge receiver etc.)

Compilation of Briefing Papers

A set of Briefing Papers will be developed and rolled-out from the perspective of pupils, teachers, school heads, parents and teacher training students in advice the LEC implementation from these perspectives and to provide a basis for the further formulation of Advocacy Briefs.

Knowledge base of good practise

A minimum of 60 cases of good practise will be prepared and clustered in a way which is suitable to be included in a structured repository available via Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Platform (MML-Platform, WP5), including the development of search terms, filter item and tags which are likely to be relevant to the project scope, purpose and objective.

Handbook for MML-Platform users

A concise instruction manual for users of the MML-Platform, with separated sections for different users and authorisation (internal/external, back-end/front-end etc.)

Open Schooling policy and structure inventory

This report compiles identified policy properties in the participating countries, which are relevant for the implementation and the transformation and upscaling of Open Schooling approaches. This includes a compilation of specific characteristics and structural condition in the school systems which are opportunities and hindering aspects for Open Schooling.

Project website

An initial project website that includes all relevant information about and elements of the project.

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