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Supporting the European data market providing free support services to data-centric SMEs and start-ups


The EU data market has been analysed in the past years by several studies and reports. The estimate of the overall value of the data market in EU28 had a growth rate of a 9.5% between 2015 and 2016. Despite of this growing bottom-line market, there are some barriers: •Europe has been slow to adopt data technologies compared to the US. •Data skills gap. Between demand and supply of data workers, almost 400k jobs go unfilled. •Standardization. Increasing complexity and variety on standards can slow innovation. •Privacy and data protection. A reliable legal framework, like GDPR, is complex but can guarantee success of the companies. •Reaching all sorts of SMEs and start-ups. Companies emerging from entrepreneurial ecosystems like accelerators or incubators are usually not so linked to EU initiatives. Data Market Services is born to overcome the barriers of data-based SMEs and start-ups in Europe in data skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, legal issues and standardisation, thanks to the provision of free support services for them. To achieve this a 100-data-based companies portfolio in 3 different cohorts from 2019 to 2021 will be built. 12 free support services, in 5 categories, will be offered to them. These will be monitored and analysed every year to update them and keep a high-level on the delivery. All of this considering the consortium will have The Next Web Conference as its own flagship event to assure major impact on dissemination. Consortium is comprised by: ZABALA, an innovation firm working on several of data-based programmes as FINODEX and EDI. Univ. Southampton, owner of their data science academy and leading ODINE and Data Pitch. Kings College London, a highly ranked British university. Private accelerators/incubators like Spinlab (DE), Spherik (RO), Bright Pixel (PT) to assure presence in all corners of EU. Ogilvy as expert on communication, currently in charge of FIWARE and BDV PPP comms. IPTector as IPR expert. TNW as owner of our flagship event and the incubator; and W3C as main standards body.

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