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Scaling-up NCD Interventions in South East Asia


D5.2 Website

The website will share knowledge and information concerning the project, and will also have pages in the local languages (Vietnamese, Indonesian and Birmese).

D1.2 Phase B: Key recommendations for adjustments brief

Recommendations for scaling up interventions for prevention and control of hypertension and diabetes in Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam, after consultation and road table discussions in the three countries and after international consultation.

D3.2 Phase B: Key recommendations on improvement of guidelines and training materials

Implementation of global instruments in practice Micro-level The study will continue with adapting and subsequent implementing evidence-based tools. Meso-level Activities of adapting and implementing evidence-based tools for collaboration between formal and informal settings to create synergies will be performed. Macro-level Adapting guidelines and other evidence-based upscaling tools will be discussed and implemented on national levels, both governmental as well as non-governmental, such as medical or nursing chamber or equivalents. Policy documents will be drafted.

D2.2 Phase B: Key recommendations for cost-effectiveness analysis

During the stakeholder meeting, the researchers will present the outcome of the cost-effectiveness analysis of the different interventions, and the stakeholders meeting will decide how interventions will be scaled-up at the national level and which changes (if any) will be incorporated. The methodology to be used for the evaluation of cost-effectiveness of the entire scaling-up process will also be decided. Monitoring and registry systems to capture the prospective data will be discussed, selected and subsequently designed.

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