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Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - QU4LITY (Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing)

Reporting period: 2019-01-01 to 2020-06-30

QU4LITY pursues to transform the European Zero Defect Manufacturing landscape by means of creating an Autonomous Quality Platform for Cognitive Zero-defect ManUfacturing Processes through DigitaL ContInuity in the ConnecTed FactorY of the Future. QU4LITY consortium is composed of 45 partners plus third parties including Manufacturers, Platform owners, Digital Technology providers, Innovators and also DIHs. The QU4LITY Solutions will be demonstrated via 14 Lighthouse Pilots (9 on procesess and 5 on equipment) and more than 60 technologies, such us AI, Big Data, Block chain and Cybersecurity, will be used. It is also expected to contribute to at least 10 standards. QU4LITY will launch an Open Call for bringing another 11-16 additional related subprojects. And finally, U4LITY aims at creating the first Europe-wide DIH for ZDM.
During these firsts month of the project the main work has been focused on the stablishement of the management basis and rules to keep the project under control and to monitor that the project progress according to the plan. In the technical side, the work has been focused on the initial specifications and the reference architecture.Pilots has also started to detail their specifications. In the business side, a taskforce has been created to push the exploitation of the projcet results from the beginning of the project.
From the technological point of view, at this stage it is too early to analyze the technological impact of the project, even if several actions are running both internally at the Consortium and externally (e.g. in collaboration with the DMP Cluster or with the OPEN DEI CSA).
From the business side, the intention is to generate AQ (ZDM) ecosystem for European industry. The market platform aims to provide an extra support for partners but also third parties, special mention to SMEs.fomr a technoligcal point of view.