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Digital Reality in Zero Defect Manufacturing

Project description

Introducing a zero-defect manufacturing product

With the EU pursuing policies to increase quality of manufacturing, many in the industrial sector seek to invest in ways they can improve the manufacturing process. Many are now looking to zero-defect manufacturing as a chance to align with the changing industrial landscape and remain competitive. Unfortunately, there are currently few zero-defect manufacturing choices for industries. The EU-funded QU4LITY project aims to provide the market with a new possibility in the form of an SME friendly, highly standardised, dependable, open and transformative shared data-driven zero-defect manufacturing product/service model. The project also plans to introduce and demonstrate this product and show how the European industry can develop novel strategies and methods that use zero-defect manufacturing technologies.


QU4LITY will demonstrate, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way an open, certifiable and highly standardised, SME-friendly and transformative shared data-driven ZDM product and service model for Factory 4.0 through 5 strategic ZDM plug & control lighthouse equipment pilots and 9 production lighthouse facility pilots. QU4LITY will also demonstrate how European industry can build unique and highly tailored ZDM strategies and competitive advantages (significantly increase operational efficiency, scrap reduction, prescriptive quality management, energy efficiency, defect propagation avoidance and improved smart product customer experience, and foster new digital business models; e.g. outcome-based and product servitisation) through an orchestrated open platforms ecosystem, ZDM atomized components and digital enablers (Industry 4.0 digital connectivity & edge computing package, plug & control autonomous manufacturing equipment, real-time data spaces for process monitoring & adaptation, simulation data spaces for digital process twin continuity, AI-powered analytic data spaces for cognitive digital control twin composable services, augmented worker interventions, European quality data marketplace) across all phases of product and process lifecycle (engineering, planning, operation and production) building upon the QU4LITY autonomous quality model to meet the Industry 4.0 ZDM challenges (cost and time effective brownfield ZDM deployment, flexible ZDM strategy design & adaptation, agile operation of zero defect processes & products, zero break down sustainable manufacturing process operation and human centred manufacturing).

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