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Large-scale EXecution for Industry & Society

Project description

Advanced computing and Big Data come to small enterprises at a price they can afford

Access to voluminous amounts of data and the capacity to process them are critical to progress in a growing number of fields, from climate science to pharmaceutical development. However, the powerful federated computing platforms that bring these two together are few and far between. Furthermore, they are expensive to access, leaving smaller enterprises, both business and scientific, at a disadvantage and unable to exploit their creativity. The EU-funded LEXIS project is addressing this critical obstacle to innovation. The multinational team is developing novel data analytics and cloud computing solutions that will be combined with existing high-performance computing infrastructure and new hardware capabilities to bring computing power to the masses.


The increasing quantities of data generated by modern industrial and business processes pose enormous challenges for organizations seeking to glean knowledge and understanding from the data. Combinations of HPC, Cloud and Big Data technologies are key to meeting the increasingly diverse needs of large and small organizations alike. Critically, access to powerful compute platforms for SMEs - which has been difficult due to both technical and financial reasons - may now be possible. LEXIS (Large-scale EXecution for Industry & Society) project will build an advanced engineering platform at the confluence of HPC, Cloud and Big Data which will leverage large-scale geographically-distributed resources from existing HPC infrastructure, employ Big Data analytics solutions and augment them with Cloud services. Driven by the requirements of the pilots, the LEXIS platform will build on best of breed data management solutions (EUDAT) and advanced, distributed orchestration solutions (TOSCA), augmenting them with new, efficient hardware capabilities in the form of Data Nodes and federation, usage monitoring and accounting/billing supports to realize an innovative solution. The consortium will develop a demonstrator with a significant Open Source dimension including validation, test and documentation. It will be validated in the pilots - in the industrial and scientific sectors (Aeronautics, Earthquake and Tsunami, Weather and Climate) – where significant improvements in KPIs including job execution time and solution accuracy are anticipated. LEXIS will promote the solution to the HPC, Cloud and Big Data sectors maximizing impact through targeted and qualified communications. LEXIS brings together a consortium with the skills and experience to deliver a complex multi-faceted project, spanning a range of complex technologies across seven European countries, including large industry, flagship HPC centres, industrial and scientific compute pilot users, technology providers and SMEs.

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