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Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform


D086 - Platform Integration and Federation (M18)

Platform Integration and Federation

D095 - Production Stage: Equipment Performance Optimisation (M18)

Production Stage: Equipment Performance Optimisation

D083 - Human Collaboration Environment (M18)

Human Collaboration Environment

D068 - Orchestration, Monitoring, and Alerting (M18)

Orchestration, Monitoring, and Alerting

D062 - Robust Industrial Network Support (M18)

Robust Industrial Network Support

D077 - SDK: Applications and Service Builder (M18)

SDK: Applications and Service Builder

D098 - Material and Energy Efficiency (M18)

Material and Energy Efficiency

D089 - Inter-platform Interoperability (M18)

Inter-platform Interoperability

D071 - Distributed & Autonomous Computing (M18)

Distributed & Autonomous Computing

D104 - Characterization and Modelling (M18)

Characterization and Modelling

D110 - Production: Non-Destructive Product Inspection (M18)

Production: Non-Destructive Product Inspection

D136 - Common Six Monthly Reporting for WP11 (M18)

Common Six Monthly Reporting for WP11

D065 - Data Harmonisation and Interoperability (M18)

Data Harmonisation and Interoperability

D107 - Pre-Production: Product Quality Prediction (M18)

Pre-Production: Product Quality Prediction

D092 - Preparation Stage: Start-up optimisation (M18)

Preparation Stage: Start-up optimisation

D012 - Technical Management: WP6 Report (M18)

Technical Management: WP6 Report

D015 - Technical Management: WP7 Report (M18)

Technical Management: WP7 Report

D006 - Technical Management: Overview Report (M18)

Technical Management: Overview Report

D029 - Cross Platform Analysis Document (M18)

Cross Platform Analysis Document

D053 - Functional Specification and Update (M7)

Functional Specification and Update

D018 - Technical Management: WP8 Report (M18)

Technical Management: WP8 Report

D009 - Technical Management: WP5 Report (M18)

Technical Management: WP5 Report

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