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Support to all stakeholders from the Photovoltaic sector and related sectors to contribute to the SET-Plan


Press releases for communication to the general public from M1 to M18

Collection of the press releases that have been sent out for communication to the general public from M1 to M18.

ETIP PV website

Launch of the new ETIP PV website

Press release of the Annual Conference 2020

SOLARUNITED will write a press release with the results of the ETIP PV Annual Conference in 2020.

Press release of the Annual Conference 2019

SOLARUNITED will write a press release with the results of the ETIP PV Annual Conference in 2019

Recommendations by the working groups in the form of published reports in M18

WIP will support the Working Groups to write their recommendations in the form of published Reports. This deliverable will include the Reports that will be published from M1 to M18 of the project.

Proceedings of the Annual Conference 2019

EUREC will write the minutes of the ETIP PV Annual Conference in 2019 and will present them in this deliverable.

Data Management Plan (DMP)

ETIP PV – SEC II will have a consortium-wide data management policy, which will be outlined in the ETIP PV – SEC II Data Management Plan (DMP). As part of its project management tasks (WP1), WIP will lead all data management activities and draft and update the DMP (D1.5) throughout the duration of the project. The ETIP PV – SEC II partners will regulate data sharing and data preservation in the Consortium Agreement; the project will participate in the H2020 Open Research Data Pilot. The Members of the ETIP PV will generate a significant amount of information during the project especially under WP2. ETIP PV will produce reports and will organize and carry out workshops and conferences. All finalized documents will be made public. All events that ETIP PV organizes will be open to the public. Presentations, proceedings and any other relevant materials from the events will be made available in the ETIP PV website at The collection of data will be treated in the Consortium Agreement based on the DESCA model which will be adapted for the project. The foreground of ownership and knowledge will also be covered in the Consortium Agreement which will include the intelligent property rights for the Members involved in data generation and collection. All data collection, processing, storage, sharing, preservation, and archiving will respect ethical research practices and national, EU, and international law, including privacy law. In accordance with the H2020 Open Research Data Pilot, datasets underpinning scientific publications will be published via deposit in a dedicated data repository; such data will be linked to the relevant publications by way of persistent identifiers. The decisions regarding the sharing, preservation, and long-term archiving of all other datasets and code after the end of the project will be made in accordance with the DMP, which will discuss any legal, commercial, or financial constraints to data sharing, preservation, and archiving. The datasets selected for long-term preservation will be deposited in a dedicated data repository, where they will be clearly licensed, assigned a persistent identified, and are available for reuse.


Research Challenges in PV Reliability

Author(s): Harry Wirth (Fh-ISE) David Moser (Eurac Research) Marko Topic (University of Ljubljana) Mike van Iseghem (EDF) Ulrike Jahn (TÜV), Giovanna Adinolfi, Giorgio Graditi (ENEA) Brian Azzopardi (MCAST) Eszter Voroshazi (IMEC) Wim Sinke (TNO) Paula Mints (SPV Market Research) Ralph Gottschalg (Fh-CSP) Mauricio Richter (3E) Guillermo Oviedo Hernandez, Paolo Chiantore (Baywa Italy) Arnulf Jaeger-Waldau (J
Published in: 2020

Impact of weighted average cost of capital, capital expenditure, and other parameters on future utility‐scale PV levelised cost of electricity

Author(s): Eero Vartiainen, Gaëtan Masson, Christian Breyer, David Moser, Eduardo Román Medina
Published in: Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, Issue 28/6, 2020, Page(s) 439-453, ISSN 1062-7995
DOI: 10.1002/pip.3189