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Common Infrastructure for National Cohorts in Europe, Canada, and Africa


DMP - Data Management Plan

CINECA is part of the Open Research Data Pilot (ORDP) and the consortium will therefore submit a first version of a Data Management Plan (DMP) as a deliverable within the first 6 months of the project. The DMP will be updated over the course of the project whenever significant changes arise, such as (but not limited to): - new data - changes in consortium policies (e.g. new innovation potential, decision to file for a patent) - changes in consortium composition and external factors (e.g. new consortium members joining or old members leaving). The DMP will be prepared using the template provided by the Commission (

CINECA Risk Management Registry

The CINECA Risk Management Registry.The Project Management team will develop a risk management and contingency plan. Risks in CINECA will be assessed in the areas of data security, ethics, dissemination, innovation, and scientific quality. The contingency plan will ensure that items at risk will be closely monitored and if needed followed-up and controlled.

Catalogue on ELSI Issues V1.0

A catalogue of the ethical, legal and social issues for international collaboration of cohorts with a special focus on Europe, Canada and Africa noting the cloud context. The mapping exercise will be achieved by literature as well as legal and policy documents.

Report of CINECA kick off meeting

A report of CINECA kick off meeting.

Report on trust model for partner sites, and between sites and controlled-access researchers

A report on trust model for partner sites, and between sites and controlled-access researchers. A machine readable consent ontology mapping of individual cohorts will be used as input to determine the appropriate trust model for partner sites, and between sites and controlled-access researchers.

Outreach and dissemination plan

A report summarising the outcome of our stakeholder analysis (including training needs analysis), highest priority stakeholder groups and plan for engaging with them throughout the project. This will incorporate a detailed training plan for the first two years of the project and an outline plan for the second two years.

CanDIG and ELIXIR AAI interoperability demonstration

A public demonstration of showing technical integration and interoperability between Europe and Canada AAI systems

Discovery service catalog

A discovery service catalog by which users will be able to search the datasets by genomic information as well as using the variable related metadata standards developed as part of WP4. The unique contribution of CINECA will be the first unified multidimensional cohort discovery platform that can perform real-time search across a disparate set of cohort infrastructures in Canada, Europe, and Africa.