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EUCANCan: a federated network of aligned and interoperable infrastructures for the homogeneous analysis, management and sharing of genomic oncology data for Personalized Medicine.


Definition of global and local needs regarding storing solutions for raw data from oncological patients, and the different levels of security required for personalised medicine environments

Reporting of the specific needs of each data producing site/partner, the different profiles of user communities and their level of data access. Integrate ethical and legal solutions described in WP6 for the different levels of protection

Policy working group briefings, summary reports_1

Briefing documents that were prepared for the health policy group, and documentation of regular meetings and progress

File-level federated query system back end

Design and implement a pilot version of data query and retrieval systems within EUCanCan federated network. Adaptation to data types and formats defined in WP5.

Tools report

Best practices including tools, parameters and workflows to analyse the different types of data (just a report, no code at this stage) along with validated and annotated datasets for different use cases (variant calling, RNA-seq analysis, etc.).

Communication plan

Guidelines for communication, including key messages, main target audiences, most suitable communication channels, rules to be followed, and a social media strategy

EUCANCan Exploitation Plan

Overview document listing the Key Exploitable results of the project and responsible partners, including planned exploitation timelines and pathways (to be updated with each periodic report)

Canadian ethico-legal constraints and considerations report

Report on ethico-legal constraints and considerations for Canadian projects in receiving data transfers according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and sharing and processing data according to Canadian personal information protection law

Description and implementation of clinical data types and formats for the sharing of datasets within EUCANCan

Description of the data attributes in the two tier system of clinical annotation (first mandatory baseline clinicopathological data, second minimal follow-up and outcome information) and their implementation as a consensus across sites for the sharing of datasets within EUCANCan

Project Management and Quality Guidelines

This deliverable will describe the project’s internal management procedures, detailing the project’s Quality assurance process as well as a detailed Risk evaluation and internal communication tools and mechanisms.

Dissemination toolkit

Corporate identity will be developed, and dissemination materials as well as templates to be used for presentations, reports, meeting- and internal documents

Public project website

To showcase the project’s activities and results both to the scientific community as well as to the public at large

Final version of EUCANCan variant extraction and annotation tool

Identify the best solutions to replicate and align strategies for the calling and interpretation of somatic and germline variants (SNVs, indels, SVs and CNV) for a concordant and homogeneous sharing of genomic information across EUCANCan nodes. These strategies will be also aligned with current efforts to standardize protocols for genomic analyses in biomedicine (GA4GH and ELIXIR).

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