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Citizen-centred EU-EHR exchange for personalised health

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Smart4Health (Citizen-centred EU-EHR exchange for personalised health)

Reporting period: 2019-01-01 to 2019-12-31

Smart4Health: Building today a healthier tomorrow
Smart4Health aims at empowering EU Citizens with an interoperable and exchangeable European Electronic Health Record (EHR) that will allow EU citizens to be active participants in managing their own health. The key objective of Smart4Health is to place the citizen in the centre of the decision of citizen health care. The citizen will be empowered with the possibility of sharing health data with different clinicians, medical centres, local and international societal and for research activities as well as to cooperate directly with healthcare providers. The 4HealthPlatform will allow citizens to collect, manage, store, access and share own health and healthcare data, through an easy-to-use, secure, constantly accessible and portable health data and services prototype within the EU and beyond. The 4HealthPlatform data layer connects with the 4HealthNavigator portal for services and applications to provide advanced personalised health services accessible whenever and wherever. Citizens will be able to upload data (from EHR, over self-collected data, to work-health related data) through the interfaces MyHealthView, MyTime and MyWork. Also, they will be able to share data with persons of trust as well as with health care professionals in situations when reliable health information is essential to assure efficient health care (MyTrusted, Mob.E.Health). Finally, citizens willing to support science, can donate their data to the scientific community (MyScience).
The technological elements will be developed in a co-creation process using eight Citizen Use Cases. These cases cover all aspects of citizens’ active role in using the 4HealthNavigator to access the 4HealthPlatform and to increase positive user experience and system usability. Citizens from different national, cultural and institutional health-related contexts will be able to interact with and test the different steps of health data management at home, at work, while traveling, or during leisure and sport activities. Smart4Health is based on a truly multidisciplinary approach with a project team constituted by eighteen beneficiaries from eight different European Union member states and the United States of America, including ICT developers, hospitals, social sciences researchers, physiotherapists, nurses, informal caregivers, regional government, research centres, universities and SMEs.
Smart4Health will contribute for a positive impact on EU citizens health and wellbeing, for building today a healthier tomorrow.
During this first period the consortium has been deeply involved in three main activities: development of co-creation environment, development of the 4Health Platform and definition of the Citizen Use Cases. In addition to this, great attention has been given to disseminate and communicate the project. In term of concrete results here a short overview:
In what regards the SSH dimension the Social Science and Humanities framework was developed, the co-creation environment was established and methodological toolbox was defined. Also, a first set of user requirements was developed through co-creation workshops with citizens and performance criteria fit for the purpose specified. Several IC forms were developed for different settings (CUCs) as well as for the platform. The platform IC was also vetted by ethics and legal experts and citizen group.
In what regards the technical developments a proof of concept of the Plaform is under development, identified relevant IHE profile, upload/import meaningful data and reports from wearables, initial GUI is implemented considering initial user requirements and HL7/FHIR ingestible by Platform.
The Citizen Use Cases have been developing the necessary steps to prepare data ingestion, requirements collection and user engagement. Also a set of interoperable solutions have been developed and integrated to facilitate Health and Wellbeing data collection in the CUCs.
With respect to data donation for research a first mapping of ELIXIR-LU hosting platforms with Smart4Health requirements is finished and a first example research dataset (metadata) examined and metadata template has been exchanged.
Finally regarding communication and dissemination, special attention has been given to communication campaign at CUCs as well as to targeted dissemination activities to policy makers, academic and industrial communities.
Smart4Health has been especially progressing towards a Citizen-centred design through an interdisciplinary integration of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) perspectives all along the innovation process. Progress is also being made in capacity of data ingestion, normalising and de-identifying real-time and longitudinal data from a great variety of different EHRs.
Smart4Health has been developing and integrating the necessary technology to move to patient-centered, preventive wellbeing and healthcare services, changing health data management models from institution-based to citizen-centred, enabling citizen access and control of own health data.
Also, the opportunity to donate data opens a wide set of possibilities from research to innovation helping the citizen and the community as a whole.
Further developments will continue to contribute to the potential impacts of the project along its duration. Also, a clear understanding of the possibilities will also be available once the field tests start.
Objectives and Pillars