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Advanced Signalling, Automation and Communication System (IP2 and IP5) – Prototyping the future by means of capacity increase, autonomy and flexible communication


Report on Communication and Dissemination activities

Output of Task 112 This report will detail the activities undertaken during the life of the project including details on the management and activities of Advisory Group and established contacts to key stakeholders of this project

Business Model

Output of Task 75 Document providing the analysis of the application of VCTS in some selected markets including the best strategy and vision which might foster the introduction of such innovative system

Verification Report of the Prototypes

This deliverable will be the output of Task 5.4 and will summarize the verification results from the prototypes from the sub-tasks 5.4.1, 5.4.2 and 5.4.3.

Security verification and validation testing best practices

This report contains two parts Part 1 will provide security verification and validation testing best practices for railway product suppliers based on the analysis of IEC 6244341 verification requirements and methods the analysis how IEC 6244341 verification requirements and methods are applied during product development life cycle and assessed by certification authorities The derived best practices will reference common technologies OT IT IoT and component types embedded software applications network or hostPart 2 will also identify all IEC 62443 requirements applicable to system security validation and verification describe a way to implement them in the railway system development lifecycle and allocate each activity to one or several stakeholders

Guidelines for railway cybersecurity design

Final release of the guidelines related to: • Specification of the processes for security risk assessment for the railway sector. • Specification of generic secure development standard to be applied to railway based on the IEC 62443 framework.

Field Test Strategy Document

The field test strategy captures the plans for field test activities within in the forthcoming TD2.1 project and contain details about the location, the railway environment and the functional scope of the field tests for the demonstrators.

VCTS Concept and Application condition analysis

Output of Task 6.2. Document describing the context, the main functions, the system boundary as well as the field of the study and the application conditions of VCTS.

Security architecture, protection profiles and security for legacy systems

This approach includes the definition of generic cybersecurity architecture dedicated to railway and the related generic railway protection profiles. This deliverable comprises also the results of the application of the cybersecurity railway processes to other systems of the railway sector. The number of technical demonstrators in scope of this deliverable is subject to agreements with other work packages as noted in Task 8.3. This deliverable studies also the unique security challenges to the railway environment and defines requirements for mitigating them: • Importance of the legacy system in railway: how to ensure the security level of a sub-system once integrated in a system composed mainly of legacy sub-systems. • Industrial IoT: what are the recommendations and guidelines for integration of industrial IoT within a highly distributed system composed mainly of legacy sub-systems. • How the existing resilient architecture implemented for safety and/or availability purpose could impact the security level of the system?

Antenna system specifications for adaptable communications in railway environment

The report provides antenna system specifications for the different radio technologies investigated, proposes feasible combinations of radio technologies and the implications for the antenna systems for different railway markets. In addition, it provides recommendations for antenna systems for the adaptable communication system, guidelines for platform integration (on-board and trackside) and highlights some guidelines or potential challenges for antenna design and physical engineering (size, positioning, etc.).

Dissemination, Communication & Exploitation Plan

Output of Task 11.2 - This will detail the objectives and strategy for the dissemination of the project, as well as detailing the methods to be used for exploitation and communication.

Supply-chain security approach for railways

This report identifies and resumes the challenges faced by the supply chain integration in the railway systemThis report investigates the potential solutions for a secure integration of components coming from third parties usually outside of railway sector On basis of this analysis the report will propose solution to inbed and integrate security processes in to the supply chain

Moving Block Specifications

This deliverable contains updated versions of X2Rail-1 D5.1 Moving Block System Specification, D5.2 Moving Block Operational and Engineering Rules and D5.3 Preliminary Safety Analysis. These updates will take account of the work in Task 4.2 on testing and Task 4.6 on technical demonstrators. This deliverable is from Tasks 4.3 and 4.4.

Report on Technology Demonstrators

This deliverable will take the form of a report summarising the results from the Technical Demonstrators in the four application domains. This deliverable is from Task 4.6

Report on Testing of Moving Block Signalling Systems

This deliverable is a report on the approach required for the testing of Moving Block Signalling Systems. This deliverable is from Task 4.2.

Future Moving Block Architectures

This deliverable will take the form of a report into possible future Moving Block Signalling System Architectures. This deliverable is from Task 4.5.

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An Overview of Current IP Network Emulators for the Validation of Railways Wireless Communications

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