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Advanced Signalling, Automation and Communication System (IP2 and IP5) – Prototyping the future by means of capacity increase, autonomy and flexible communication

Project description

Advanced traffic management and control for railways

Key technological advancements are needed to keep pace with the growing railway industry and increasing passenger numbers. The EU-funded X2Rail-3 project aims to develop technologies that foster innovations in areas that include railway signalling systems, testing methodologies and an adaptable railway communication system to overcome the shortcomings of current communication systems. The project will also study virtual coupling, a new concept that will allow trains to run much closer to one another and dynamically modify their own composition on the move. The results will further the use of adaptable and intelligent traffic management and control systems in railways.


X2RAIL-3 represents the 3rd proposal of the Shift2Rail members in the IP2 “Advanced Traffic Management & Control Systems” domain and it aims to continue the research and development of key technologies within the following Technology Demonstrators (TDs):
Adaptable Communications for all Railways (TD2.1 / WP3) – The objective is to demonstrate, via the integration of the different prototypes into dedicated demonstrators, that a new Communication System will be able to overcome the shortcomings in current ETCS and CBTC communications and deliver an adaptable communications system usable for train control applications in all market segments.
Moving Block (TD 2.3 / WP4) – the scope is to move beyond the laboratory preparations undertaken in the framework of the X2Rail-1 project and to develop technical demonstrators for suitable railways applications.
Zero On-Site Testing (TD 2.6 / WP5) – In the context of the simulation and testing framework integrating new functionalities such as moving block/satellite positioning, finalising the general architecture and will as well perform specific prototypes.
Virtually Coupled Train Sets (TD 2.8 / WP6 & WP7) – The action aims to perform a comprehensive study focusing on the new concept of “Virtual coupling”, which foresees that trains will be able to run much closer to one another and to dynamically modify their own composition on the move.
Cyber Security (TD 2.11 / WP8 & WP9) – In the context of Cyber Security, the main objectives are to define a “Cyber-Security” System to railway and to contribute to a secure development standard applicable to railway applications.
ATO over ETCS pilot test for freight demonstrator (TD 5.6 / WP10) – In the context of freight autonomous train operation, the main objective is to perform field testing with specific focus on freight operational scenarios to get early feedback from the field on potential improvement necessities.

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