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Digitalization and Automation of Freight Rail


Quality Plan

Including guidelines, Gantt charts, deliverable, milestone tables, document and presentation template (M8, responsible: VIF, report).

Daily timetable and operational traffic gap

Analysis of the gap between daily timetable and operational traffic (Task T3.1.1, T3.2.1) (M19, TRV, report)

Dissemination and communication strategy

The strategy will ensure that the project members will efficiently disseminate the results of the project (M9, VIF, report).

Automatic coupling and wagon design specifications

Review of technical specifications for automatic coupling, running gear and wagon design (M14, DLR, report)

Description of decision support tool

Description of decision support tool aimed at advanced Real Time Network Management and requirements for a demonstrator (Task T3.2.2, T3.2.3) (M28, TRV, report).

Evaluation of C-DAS demonstration

Run and evaluation of C-DAS demonstration according to Task 4.4 (M32, DB, report).

Midterm event report

Midterm Dissemination Report (press) (M16, VIF, report).

Functional core market wagon mock-up

Functional core market wagon mock-up & running gear concept at TRL 6. The core market wagon mock-up is completed as a technical demonstrator and ready for testing as described in Task 1.1; (M6, TVP, Technical Demonstrator).

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