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Cyber Physical Systems for Europe


Specification of CPS communication module v1

Specification of CPS communication module

SME Use Case specification & implementation

Partners will describe motivation and initial technical specification of their demonstrators. Description of an initial stage of implementation SM Use Case demonstrators and technologies used to achieve it. Partners will describe the initial stage of their demonstrators. Status of each demonstrator will be briefly described in a common report and the stage of development will be presented by video or by physical demo.

Report on the publications v1

Report about journal, conference papers and video training materials.

Use case requirements v1

A specification of technical and business requirements for each individual use case. The deliverable will dedicate one chapter to an update of the analysis of state of the art in the CPS for industry automation field.

Road mapping and Benchmark v1

The Marketing office of the CEA will manage a market study through a questionnaire to have an overview of the technologies.

Use case definition and specifications v1

Use Case 1: Definition and high level specifications of a Framework enabling and efficient, reliable and agile distributed control architecture (contribution to WP4 specification). Specification of distributed control implementing a Model Predictive Control strategy. Use Case 2: Safety report for critical function (to select adequate redundancy policy).

CPS Tools - Requirement analysis

Analysis of tool needs in connection with use cases

Website and Social Media Channels v1

The project website will include a public part to inform the general public, focusing on SMEs and a private part to enable optimized communication among the project partners. The website will be updated continuously with the results of the project. BME will create the social media channels and connects them to the website.

Industrial information, Coaching, Training v1

Seminars and conferences organization thereafter contributors will provide a number of participating SMEs, start-ups and research organizations. Presentation document or videos for SMEs, start-ups and research organizations to promote the CPS4EU project and technologies. JESSICA FRANCE will provide advices (through consulting engineer) to SMEs on the integration of the CPS after what JESSICA FRANCE will provide a number of advised SMEs.

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