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Arrowhead Tools for Engineering of Digitalisation Solutions

Project description

New tools to help the engineering industry put IoT to smart use

From everyday uses to large-scale industry applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at an accelerating speed. The EU-funded Arrowhead Tools project will create advanced new digitisation and automation tools for the European engineering industry. These tools will bridge the gap that currently prevents total integration of operational technology – for example how efficiently the engineering industry is leveraging IoT and the ‘system of systems’ into its products. The project is expected to reduce the costs of developing and introducing flexible and secure digitisation and automation solutions by about 20 to 50 %. This will make Europe more competitive and create new jobs and business opportunities, while also reducing energy consumption and the environmental footprint.


For the purpose of creating digitalisation and automation solutions Arrowhead Tools adresses engineering methodologies and suitable integrated tool chains. With the global aim of substantial reduction of the engineering costs for digitalisation/automation solutions. Thus the Arrowhead Tools vision is: - Engineering processes and tool chains for cost efficient developments of digitalization, connectivity and automation systems solutions in various fields of application For the further and wider commercialisation of automation and digitalisation services and products based on SOA, Arrowhead Framework and similar technologies there is a clear need for engineerings tools that integrates existing automation and digitalisation engineering procedures and tool with SOA based automation/digitalisation technology. For this purpose the Arrowhead Tool’s grand challenges are defined as: - Engineering costs reduction by 40-60% for a wide range of automation/digitalisation solutions. - Tools chains for digitalisation and automation engineering and management, adapted to: 1. existing automation and digitalisation engineering methodologies and tools 2. new IoT and SoS automation and digitalisation engineering and management tools 3. security management tools - Training material and kits for professional engineers The results will create impact on: - Automation and digitalisation solution market - Automation and engineering efficiency and the SSBS market - Automation and digitalisation security - Competence development on engineering of automation and digitalisation solution



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