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Smart environments for person-centered sustainable work and well-being


Data Management Plan

This deliverable will be a developed data management plan based on the guidelines provided by the European Commission. The data management plan will be updated as necessary over the entire project duration.

Risks for OSH and well-being, and recommendation framework

Report assessing the major needs and unmet needs of the older workers in the work environments of the two pilot sites and defining the model of risks for OSH and challenges for well-being. The specifications of the recommendation framework will also be part of this deliverable. The report will summarize on relevant findings from the analysis conducted in the beginning of the first and second cycle.

Mental training specifications

Report on the specifications for the self-administered mental training based on a set of mini games according to the end-user profiles.

Exploitation Strategy

A document to present the initial sustAGE exploitation stategy for each partner and the whole consortium targeting different market sectors.

Initial report on sustAGE temporal causality and reasoning on user micro-moments

Interim report describing the following mechanisms: (i) the knowledge abstraction mechanisms based on user's micro moments, (ii) the knowledge management and update and (iii) the temporal causality and reasoning

Initial sustAGE communication API

Report on the interactive communication interface and the application logic the sustAGE framework. The report includes the description of the dialog management unit and the speech synthesis system.

User interaction requirements

Initial version of user interaction requirements based on user needs, encompassing principles of usable and intuitive user interfaces. The report will also include the specification of personalization parameters of the system that will be learned during long-term interaction with the users.

Interim Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities

Mid-term report on the Dissemination and Communication Activities carried out.

Plan for Innovation Management

Report containing the plan for the management of IPR's and of the innovations of the project and for identifying new innovation opportunities during the project time frame.

sustAGE ICT ecosystem and Integration Report

Report on the first integrated prototype of the sustAGE software. Updates in the sustAGE system architecture, the sensor and architecture infrastructure and the security and privacy requirements will also be part of this deliverable.

Project Website and visual identity

This deliverable reports the structure and initial content of the sustAGE website, the developed logo and the visual identity of the project.

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