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A non-antibiotic treatment for Acne and Onychomycosis


Acne and onychomycosis (nail fungal infection) are two of the most common skin diseases, affecting up to 90% of teenagers and 10% of adults, respectively. Acne is estimated to affect 9.4% of the global population, making it the eighth most prevalent disease worldwide. In addition to the health and cosmetic damage, there are psycological consequences for these patients, which have a great negative impact in quality of life. The current treatments for these diseases have limitations in terms of efficiency and side effects as well as containing antibiotics. As a result, there is poor patient adherence to these therapies contributing to increase the microbial resistance, a matter of great concern for global society. In response to this challenge, Mavena has developed innovative medical devices (Green Line) for the treatment of acne and onychomycosis. Green Line uses a novel concentrate of peracids which destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses thorugh a physical process. Green Line’s mayor advantages are its high efficacy compared to current solutions and the absence of antibiotics, improving therapy adherence and reducing the risk of microbial resistance. Green Line will be notfied as class III medical devices, and thus do not need such a long and difficult approval process as for a medicinal product. Moreover, after notification, Green Line medical devices can be sold within the whole European Community and do not require prescription. This reduces the time to the market and opens a large territory at once. Upon completion of the project, this solution will boost the growth of our company generating additional 13 FTEs, revenues of €65.1 M and a ROI of 7.48 by the fourth year after Phase 2 execution. With the help of the SME instrument, Mavena aims to complete the clinical validation of their product so that it can be commercialized across international markets, improving the quality of care of healthcare systems worldwide as well as the patient´s quality of life.

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