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The new generation of Automated active Fire Protection Systems


Our company AGNOSYS GmbH is a small Austrian company founded in 2009 with a staff that develops and sells control systems for preventive fire protection in commercial buildings. Our latest innovation, AFISYS, is a unique software tool that analyses CAD building plans and extracts relevant information about fire protection devices through an algorithm that detects automatically the symbols of actuators. In this way, AFISYS provides a new intuitive visualization tool for the representation of the whole fire control installation, displaying high-level information, i.e. the real-time states of the actuators together with their exact position in 2D floor plans and their detailed technical data. In this way, AFYSOS has a double benefit: (1) it completely changes the work of system integrators, reducing by 95% the installation time of the visualization control system, and (2) it provides a much more efficient system for handling an emergency by the building operator: thanks to the rapid location of a fault in case of incident, the response is shortened by valuable seconds that will help save lives and assets. With this innovation, we aim at setting a new standard in the area of fire protection and building control technology. Considering the positive market situation (driven by the increasing awareness on fire hazards, the recovery of the construction sector and the rising trend of automation in commercial buildings) AFYSIS will be the key to our growth and expansion towards the European market from 2021 on, multiplying by 5 our revenues within 5 years and implying a return on investment (ROI) of 3.2 by 2024. Moreover, AFYSIS will also optimally position our company for subsequently addressing other rapidly expanding markets in the field of building management.

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