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Electrodynamic Tether Technology for Passive Consumable-less Deorbit Kit


Project Website

Public website with information about the space debris problem, the tether solution and the goals of E.T.PACK. It also includes information about the partners and their roles in the development of the deorbit kit. The website will be updated periodically with the publications list, presentations in international conferences, and main results, including simulation data.

Powder Synthesis and First paste

Two synthesis routes for the C12A7-base material (solid state reaction and glass ceramic route, both including doping for enhanced photoelectron emission) and a thermal treatment for the transformation into the electrid C12A7:e- will be developed in order to provide a processable powder quality. Sintered hollow cathodes made of C12A7:e powder will be manufactured and available for characterization of photoelectron behavior (TUD) as well as for the development and qualification of suitable adhesive brazing pastes. First composite pastes based on C12A7:e- powder and brazing alloy powders will be available and characterized ready for coating experiments on metal foils on LWT by screen printing processes (20x20mm2).

LWT Model and Target Requirements

Document with a detailed description of the LWT/plasma model for round and tape tether geometries. Precise list of the target requirements, i.e. the optical, mechanical and thermal properties that the LWT should satisfy to meet the performance in deorbit and re-boost missions.

Data Management Plan

Management plan of the data that will be generated in E.T.PACK. It will be mainly focussed on the numerical data generated on emissive Langmuir probes and its application in flight simulator of low work function tethers.

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