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NanoCrystals in Fibre Lasers


Report of Kick-Off Meeting M1

Report of Kick-Off Meeting M1, Agenda and presentations

Report on matrix glass

Report on matrix glass

Report on NCs synthesis optimization. Choice of one or various synthesis procedures

Synthesis of actively doped NCs: - Development of soft-chemistry methods for RE:yttria and ball-milling procedure for Ti:sapphire NCs - Analysis of the dependence of NCs size and shape on synthesis method and relevant parameters - Modification of active ion concentration and distribution

Updated ethics

Ethics post-grant requirements addressed by the consortium: The consortium will comply with them accordingly. Further information about the possible harm to the environment caused by the research and the measures that will be taken to mitigate the risks will be provided performing risk assessment. The risk assessment will be conducted using one of the following tools (free of charge): - The Stoffenmanager 7 ( - The Swiss Precautionary Matrix ( chemikalien/nanotechnologie/sicherer-umgang-mit-nanomaterialien/vorsorgerasternanomaterialien- webanwendung.html) - The SUNDS - Decision support system for risk management of engineered nanomaterials and nanoenabled products ( The results from the risk assessment tool will be sent to REA including a thorough analysis and risk mitigation plan. The interpretation will contain information to a potential release of nanomaterials to the environment and disposal scenarios for the nanomaterials (disposal? recycling? landfill?).

Website and logo

The PR department of coordinator Leibniz-IPHT will create a project logo and provide a project website for dissemination of the EU project results to the public and broader audience. Also included will be an internal protected section for project partners and EC to share project data and files.

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