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Advanced Innovation Support Services for SMEs

Project description

Luxembourg's SMEs receive innovative management support

In a continuously changing economic environment, growth for SMEs is an issue that demands constant monitoring and reinforcement. Aiming to enhance the innovation management capacity of Luxembourg's SMEs, the EU-funded AISS4SME project is offering a new set of services. The project will enhance the commercial potential and impact of each SME's participation in the Horizon 2020 programme by ensuring that each project is aligned with the company's innovation strategy and developed as an integral part of it. Moreover, it will contribute to the improvement of the SMEs' organisational structure and the skill levels of managers, setting the prerequisites for future sustainable growth outside the context of Horizon 2020.


The AISS4SME project aims at offering new services to enhance the innovation management capacities of luxembourg
SMEs. 2 target group of SMEs will be address : first, the beneficiaries of the SME instrument and, second, innovative SMEs.
This proposal is a response to the Consultation of Enterprise Europe Network partners on the work programme for
2019 H-2020 activities H2020-EEN-SGA3-2019 “Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs” in
the Enterprise Europe Network”, and concerns the set up of coaching and mentoring services for SMEs.

It’s our confidence that the AISS4SME proposal is 100% in line with the challenge and scope defined by the EC. Moreover, by pursuing the defined strategic objectives, the project will automatically produce the expected overall impact of:
• Enhancing the commercial potential and impact of SME participation in the dedicated Horizon 2020 instrument by ensuring that the project is aligned with and developed as an integral part of the company's innovation strategy,
• Achieving tangible organizational change and improved results,
• Improving the skill's levels of managers, leaving a legacy such that the SME is better able to overcome the barriers to growth post-Horizon 2020 participation.


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