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Valves for OiL regulaTion with High AccuracY and REliability


The objectives of the project VOLTAYRE is to design, develop, manufacture, test and qualify an innovative TRL 5 oil valve (OV) able to regulate accurately two oil flows to the gearbox and the engine of the Ultra High Bypass and High Propulsive Efficiency Geared Turbofans and its oil system, and reject the remaining extra flow coming from the oil pump to the tank. This valve will also communicate to the FADEC the delivered flows and allow the FADEC to close the loop via valve’s commands.
The VOLTAYRE proposal innovation is based on the innovative low energy limited angle torque motor (LATM) developed and patented by FACT for similar application. This torque motor is able to provide high torque, high displacement, high ageing stability, without dynamic seals to direct drive both a rotary metering direct drive valve (RMDDV) or a rotary split direct drive valve (RSDDV). The RMDDV is coupled with a three-way delta pressure regulator (DPR). This DPR is able to regulate a constant delta pressure between the inlet and the outlet of the RMDDV. This DPR will be able to reject the extra flow provided by the pump to the tank and regulate a constant differential pressure across the RMDDV
Two identical differential pressure flowmeters (DPF) located after the RSDDV, one for the engine line the other for gearbox line, able to provide the requested high accuracy with the necessary reliability in this harsh environment.

As part of this response, we have proposed an architecture of equipment possible by combining different bricks TRL3 or 4. These bricks are however a capacity to be organized differently, to provide other architectures for the equipment according to the detailed needs that the topic leader will express through its specification

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