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In-Seat Ventillation and Supply for Personalised Comfort Control on board an Aircraft

Project description

Personalised climate control on airplanes

Indoor ventilation is a common passenger complaint onboard aircraft. Until now, passengers could only manipulate an air jet in the ceiling. The EU-funded project COCOON is developing a breakthrough active seat control system that will enable travellers to set their climate control and adjust air supply to their personal preference. It will add less than a kilogramme in weight without compromising seat space. What’s more, passengers will be able to set their preferences via a tablet or a smartphone. Personalised in-flight climate control will improve individual travel experience without inconveniencing other passengers.


The COCOON project will develop and demonstrate integrated seat climatization, ventilation and air supply system, maturing the technology bricks to TRL6 for a standard economy 3-seat row with a target weight of <1kg to achieve personalised comfort control and a 2% fuel saving through reduced thermal load at the cabin level. Thermoelectric heating and cooling modules combined with a ventilation and air supply system will be controlled via a tablet or smartphone to provide advanced in-seat personalised microclimate control. The project will leverage previous work by UTRC which developed an in-seat microclimate control module for the business jet market by adapting it to the economy sector. UTRC Ireland will work with UTAS GEC Poland to design, test and validate a prototype of the system which will be integrated into BE’s current economy 3-row seat configuration and tested at the BE facility in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland.



Net EU contribution
€ 246 172,50
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