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New Technology for High Resistant and Flexible Fabric Structures


The global fabric structure market has evolved at a value of €713M and 7.9M m2 of end products in 2016 due to their variety in shapes and constructions, durability in external forces and incidents, recyclability, and high strength-to-weight ratio which have enabled them to be utilised in a wide range of applications-varying from small to large, inside to outside and temporary to semi-(permanent)-in the events, business/industry and sports sectors. Nevertheless, the industry is facing continuous user’s demands for more engineered structures and solutions aiming to tackle the following needs: 1) Structural reinforcement to achieve higher resistance to adverse weather conditions such as extreme winds,storms and heavy snow, 2) Modular Structures that will enable for flexibility, ease, high secure and rapid installation and efficient space utilization, 3) High-end structures responding to the current market trend that is pushing away traditional fabric structures.
Our novel Modules technology represents the next generation of high-end modular fabric structures as we answer in a cost-effective way to the structural musts of the fabric structures industry. Based on a ground-breaking developed add-on concept and by assembling the roof as well as claddings from the ground level we are able to provide a new standardised structure solution to satisfy the actual market needs of speed, security and total flexibility during installation process with the construction on different widths (up to 50m) and heights (up to 12 m). What is more, Modules system enables structures to be adequately reinforced to resist unpredictable climatic changes such as sudden heavy winds, rain and snow and additional roof live loads (lights, audio equipment, HVAC). We have identified a total addressable market (TAM) of around €300M by 2025. We have estimated that this will lead our company to a business opportunity of of cumulated revenues and profit of €31.5M and €6.3M respectively.

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