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New Technology for High Resistant and Flexible Fabric Structures

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Modules (New Technology for High Resistant and Flexible Fabric Structures)

Reporting period: 2018-12-01 to 2019-03-31

European Future Structures was founded in 1998 in Belgium and is a global leader in the design, production, sale and rental of aluminium and steel framed fabric and tent structures. In 2015 we identified the need in tent structures market to solve the following problems that existing solutions presented: limited structural resistance, limited spans and height, lack of flexibility, complexity of the systems with multiple profiles, long and difficult assembly processes. The result is MODULES, a disruptive high-end modular and temporary aluminium tent structure fully scalable, with adjustable resistance to vertical roof loads and wind which uses the minimum possible number of extruded components and is designed to be easily assembled and dismantled. With MODULES we will directly target tent-rental companies as well as large event organisers seeking for high-end tent solutions, aesthetically innovative and easy to assembly while easily adapting to different loads conditions. MODULES has completed Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 stage of development. The overall aim of the project is to take it to TRL9 and to market launch by Q2 2021.
In this Feasibility Study we have analysed the implementation of MODULES. We have carried out research and analysis concerning various fields: 1) technical feasibility; 2) commercial feasibility and FTO analysis; 3) financial feasibility.
Among the objectives achieved, we can highlight: analysis of the current state of development of our MODULES and the required future improvements, tasks, timing and resources to carry them out; a deeper knowledge of the market structure and needs and the competitors within it; assurance of MODULES freedom to operate globally; the potential of our MODULES, both technically and commercially; the business plan to be followed to reach the market in the next 18 months
MODULES is the only fabric tent structure that goes beyond the state-of-the-art in the events niche market. It offers high-end flexible structure with excellent resistance, wider spans combined with larger heights than any of its competitors to maximise the benefit of indoor space and considerable reduction of installation cost and timing.
Disrupting in the high-end venue structures market niche with MODULES will mean providing safer structures with an optimised resources use (materials, time, economic) and directly addressing the customers and end-users’ demands as no other company has been able to do to date.