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PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport

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Preventing terrorist attacks on public transport

Terrorist attacks in public places and especially in public transport have dramatically increased the need for prevention. As a consequence, the application of advanced prevention systems in public transport has become imperative. However, today’s solutions are lacking. This is why the EU-funded PREVENT project is proposing an advanced system that enables security forces to promptly detect suspicious individuals and dangerous items. The project will apply six common security scenarios that capture threats and vulnerabilities. The project will create an interactive online instrument aiming at the identification of a ‘Common Challenge’. This ‘Common Challenge’ will serve as the basis for an advanced security system entirely compatible with the EU’s privacy and data protection rules.


PREVENT - PRocurEments of innoVativE, advaNced systems to support security in public Transport - focuses on pre-empting attacks in public transport by enabling earlier detection of terrorists and potentially dangerous objects, tracking of detected individuals or situations and coordinating the response of security forces. This focus is shared, from the start, by 22 organisations from 10 countries, public transport operators, security forces, public buyers, city authorities of which 12 are consortium partners and 10 are members of the PREVENT User Observatory Group (UOG). PREVENT implements a progressive and iterative process to deliver 6 jointly defined Common Security Scenarios that capture threats and vulnerabilities. It also delivers a vulnerabilities and threats taxonomy directly applicable to the public transport world. For these scenarios, PREVENT undertakes a gap analysis between available solutions, existing standards, on-going research and identified needs, from which it elaborates a multi-dimensional roadmap of innovations and solutions. The roadmap is an online interactive tool that feeds the sustainability of PREVENT’s community. The highest priority innovations in the roadmap are selected by practitioners and public buyers to define a Common Challenge. This Common Challenge serves as the basis for a PCP, for which the buyers’ group is created, the lead buyer is selected, tender documents are generated. PREVENT includes a governance mechanism that ensures that the different phases are open to additional practitioners and public buyers. PREVENT includes a Security Advisory Board to manage the confidentiality of the sensitive knowledge generated by its activities, and a GDPR advisor to guide the elaboration of a Common Challenge fully compliant with Europe’s privacy and data protection regulations. PREVENT structures its governance and results (public and confidential) to foster sustainability of the collaboration beyond the end of the project.

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