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Resilient Europe and Societies by Innovating Local Communities

Project description

Innovating resilient communities in Europe

Resilient communities adapt to and recover from shocks and stresses in a manner that reduces chronic vulnerability, facilitating growth. The European Union is working towards producing a valid and sound approach to resilience-building. The EU-funded project RESILOC aims to study and implement a holistic framework of methods and software instruments required for the assessment of resilience indicators in a community. The studies will help design and implement software to collect information on such communities. A high-profile communication plan mainly based on social media platform is also in store.


Resilience is defined by the United Nations as “the ability to resist, absorb and accommodate to the effects of a hazard, in a timely and efficient manner”. Thus, resilient communities are those in which their citizens, environment, businesses, and infrastructures have the capacity to withstand, adapt, and recover in a timely manner from any kind of hazards they face, either planned or unplanned. In recent years efforts have been spent to tackle resilience and there is, still, a long path forward in defining an EU valid and sound approach to the problem.

RESILOC aims at studying and implementing a holistic framework of studies, methods and software instruments that combines the physical with the less tangible aspects associated with human behaviour.

The study-oriented section of the framework will move from a thorough collection and analysis of literature and stories from the many approaches to resilience adopted all over the World. The results of the studies will lead to the definition of a set of new methods and strategies where the assessment of the resilience indicators of a community will be performed together with simulations on the “what-if” certain measures are taken. These studies and methods will serve for designing and implementing two software instruments:
1. the RESILOC inventory, a comprehensive, live, structure for collecting, classifying and using information on cities and local communities, implemented as a Software as a Service (SaaS).
2. The RESILOC Cloud-based platform for assessing and calculating the resilience indicators of a city or a community, for developing localised strategies and verifying their impacts on the resilience of the community. The Cloud platform, a combination of SaaS and PaaS, includes the inventory as its repository.

The project will make use of built solutions in four field trials and includes a high-profile communication plan, heavily based on Social Media platforms.

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