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Early warning system for enteropathies in intensive broiler farming.

Project description

Early detection of enteric diseases in poultry

Enteric diseases cause considerable economic loss to the poultry farm industry. Early detection of the diseases results in timely treatment of animals. BloomVet developed a new disruptive volatile organic compounds (VOCs) analysis technology (EnteroDetectAVI) to identify signs of enteric disease in the air early on. It also provides a prediction service for farmers. Affordable and reliable, EnteroDetectAVI is easily installable in poultry sheds for monitoring animal health status 24/7. In the EU-funded BEAWARE project, the technology will be commercialised through a B2B approach targeting farmers through meat groups in Italy, and worldwide through companies producing additives for animal feed.


BloomVet developed a new disruptive Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) analysis technology called EnteroDetectAVI able to early identify in the environmental air any early signs of enteric disease. BloomVet has also developed Prediction Service for farmers, offering them a valid alternative to traditional diagnostic methods. The promising approach of VOCs analysis is emerging as a new frontier in both human and veterinary medicine, because it is non-invasive and affordable, since odours reflect animal health status and, and in particular, enteric problems are characterised by peculiar odour properties. EnteroDetectAVI is easily installable in poultry sheds, monitors animal health status 24/7, is affordable, reliable, and fast. EnteroDetectAVI warns the farmer as soon as the first signs of enteropathy appear, allowing him to treat animals timely. Early warning means a tangible advantage for farmers, as the yearly economic loss for enteric disease could be up to 18.000 €/shed. EnteroDetectAVI will be commercialised through a Business to Business (B2B) approach targeting farmers through Meat Groups in Italy and worldwide through a Company producing additives for animal feed. The profits will be realized by selling EnteroDetectAVI (2000€/unit) and by an annual fee (500€/unit) for the prediction service (alerts on tablet, smartphone, pc, etc.). The payback time of EnteroDetectAVI is 6 months. By 2022, BloomVet has estimated to sell 22400 EnteroDetectAVI units worldwide with a revenue of 17.892.500 €. BloomVet team is equally balanced between academia and industry, with a well-known expertise in the field of animal science, pathology, engineering and finance.

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