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Blockchain protocol for responsible mineral sourcing


Minespider is the first fully integrated, blockchain solution which offers the conflict mineral sector the means to
source responsibly, ensuring no breaches of human rights in at-risk origin countries. Minerals like gold, tin,
tantalum, tungsten or copper are essential components in most electronic devices today, and tech giants like
Microsoft, Apple or Nokia rely on them to develop their products. The usage of these valuable ores, however,
poses crucial ethical and legal risks for all companies involved, since many of them are extracted from conflict-
torn countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, further funding violence.
Minespider answers to companies’ CSR concerns and upcoming legislation, by transforming today’s due
diligence on mineral sourcing from a costly service, into a commodity, allowing mines, processors, transporters
and other stakeholders to capitalize on their ethical activity. Minespider was developed based on an innovative
opened, free, decentralized blockchain protocol and uses a DApp to allow companies to create and sell
certification data. This way, Minespider incentivises all stakeholders in the sector to responsible sourcing
straight from extraction and following up along the entire chain.
The team has extensive experience in the domain area and aims to scale the business to €50M to serve 2.000
active users by 2024, covering mineral supply chains worldwide.

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