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One orchestrator for all kinds of clouds


Since there is not one-fits-all cloud approach, more and more companies demand the combination of multiple clouds to meet their needs. Against this background, technologies and techniques to manage resources and services will play a central role in the development of Hybrid clouds and multicloud.
The boost in the number of companies with Hybrid Clouds and multiclouds call for new innovations to orchestrate services in order to facilitate the programmatic provisioning and releasing of resources.
Walhalla Data Centre Services is a technology company that has the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to provide PUBLIC, PRIVATE or HYBRID CLOUD Solutions with open orchestrator for mission-critical data and applications. We have developed WOTAN to overcome management of resources complexities in hybrid and multicloud cloud architectures. WOTAN is able to orchestrate the widest variety of public and private clouds with Multi-cloud and Hybrid clouds solutions.
WOTAN offers some unique capabilities.
• Automatic replication of a virtual data centre between two clouds.
• Mechanism to automatically move a virtual machine with a critical application from a host that goes down to other host.
• Bidirectional transfer of data between a Cloud and an EFS&S solution (Enterprise File Sharing & Synchronization).
We think that these capabilities imply a disruptive innovation in the field of cloud orchestration and they are highly demanded by the market. We are sure that they will position us as a new leader company in the provision of cloud infrastructure.
For that reason, WOTAN will play a central role in the evolution of Walhalla DCS and it will be the product that will allow us to address the market with a global ambition. Our first estimations show that this platform will require an investment of 1.35M€ and would suppose the creation of 20 jobs and a ROI of 6.26

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