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One orchestrator for all kinds of clouds

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Wotan (One orchestrator for all kinds of clouds)

Reporting period: 2018-12-01 to 2019-03-31

Cloud computing is the enabling technology to offer flexibility, scalability and agility that business requires. Since there is not one-fits-all cloud approach, more and more companies demand the combination of multiple clouds to meet their needs. For that reason, technologies and techniques to manage resources and services will play a central role in the development of Hybrid clouds and Multicloud. To this respect “Cloud Orchestration” becomes a central role in the present ecosystem of cloud architectures of different nature.
The objetives of the present project to make WOTAN a global Cloud Orchestration leader are:
• Define the product requirements
• Define a working plan
• Select adecuated technologies
• Define a commercial plan and identify regulatory requirements
• Build a business plan
Technological Conclusions
• We have divided the vDC in different elements to make it more manageable
• We have built a prototype that demonstrate that the mechanism to automatically move a virtual machine inside an Openstack based cloud is adequate.
• We have defined about 100 security-oriented actions, that are grouped around 7 areas.
Commercial conclusions
• We have simplified our model to tackle the market to two products: public cloud and private cloud.
• We have redefined the priority countries to face enter into the market
Financial conclusions
• WOTAN is viable under the assumptions we believe acceptable and will generate value for shareholders
WOTAN is now a product that is beyond the state of the are in several aspects. Our main strengths are:
• WOTAN offers the highest level of automation
• WOTAN reduces the cost of operation: end-user requires less support cost and resellers can operate more users with the same effort
• WOTAN allows the implementation of a varied portfolio of resources provision policies:
• WOTAN allows the deployment of virtual private clouds
These features will have the potential of disrupt the Cloud Orchetration market contributing to important efficiency improvements in companies.
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