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Draw Me A Garden: Ground-breaking SaaS / e-commerce platform that brings expert and sustainable gardening within everyone’s reach


Current world environmental issues require a reconnection of society with nature to nurture an ecologically responsible citizenship. This need is aligned with the recent behavioural change of many consumers, looking for healthy and natural activities to relax from their fast-paced lives. Among them, gardening is raising an increasing interest since it provides an enjoyable space and fun activities to share with family and friends. However, only a small percentage of households take care of their gardens, mostly due to a lack of time, resources, experience or inspiration. A few of them hire professional gardeners but their fares are often too high; others try DIY solutions, but they rarely achieve high quality results.
We, French start-up Draw Me A Garden, offer a solution to make expert and sustainable gardening easy for everyone. Through our digital App, innovative algorithms provide 2D and 3D plans of the garden, based on its specific size, location, sun exposure, soil quality, etc. The plants and tools’ selected are directly sent to the customer, incorporating also a multifunction self-compostable cardboard scaffold for the plants’ arrangement. We also provide maintenance support through personalized and periodical expert advices and access to a gardening community. Our smart business model, inspired in IKEA, contemplates a standardized offering of plants and design gardens to reduce costs, allowing affordable prices.
We address the huge segment of people that have a garden and would like to improve it but is not served by any of the current gardening solutions. Our surveys and market analysis have estimated this segment in 11,4 million households and around 18 billion € just in France. Having already launched a first prototype of our solution, we aim now to optimize it and organize the full market deployment in France and Europe. Through this project, we expect to reach a turnover of 35.3 M€, a ROI of 4.34 €/€ invested and hire 113 new people by 2022.

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